Meet & Greet a Live Raptor with Native Bird Connections!
Join us at Wild Birds Unlimited Pleasant Hill

Upcoming Dates:

November 19, 2022, 11AM-3PM

December 10, 2022, 11AM-3PM

It's time again for our popular Monthly Meet and Greet with Native Bird Connections (NBC). NBC will be outside in the front courtyard of our store with a live raptor from 1am-3pm. These informal visits are a great opportunity to see hawks, owls or falcons up close, ask questions, and learn about birds of prey.

About Native Bird Connections

Native Bird Connections is privileged to share educational endeavors with wild birds as partners. NBC's birds are the victims of permanent physical or psychological damage rendering them unable to survive in the wild. NBC has asked them to accept captivity within a realm of respect and trust, acknowledging fully their loss of wild life while challenging them to an active role in captivity as ambassadors and teachers.

NBC also offers consultations and training for professionals working with captive animals in educational programs. Lastly, NBC provides advice and assistance for wildlife problems.