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HabitatCreating a Productive Bird Habitat

The best way to improve the variety and number of birds in your yard is to include all the elements of a productive bird habitat.


Offer a wide variety of bird foods in different kinds of feeders. Native plants that provide seeds, nectar, berries and other food sources are also very helpful in attracting more birds to your yard.


Birds need a dependable supply of water throughout the year for drinking and bathing. Many bird species that are not attracted to feeding stations are attracted to a reliable water source. Water is most attractive when it is audible and moving. Water sources can include small pools and waterfalls, bird baths, drippers, and misters.


Birds won’t come to a feeder or bath unless they feel secure. They need protective cover to escape predators and for rest. Native bushes and trees as well as small brush piles will give your birds the sense of security they need.

Nesting Locations

Trees, shrubs and other plants that provide shelter can also be safe nesting areas for non-cavity nesting birds. To entice cavity nesters, add nesting boxes around your yard. Provide nesting materials, such as string and yarn (2 to 4 inches long), feathers, bark strips, pine needles and pet hair, to make nest building a little easier.



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