How to Choose the Best Nest Box for Your Birds

Right now through March is a good time to put up nest boxes.  Mating and nesting will soon begin and birds are looking now for places. 

Nest Boxes in our area are generally of two main types - Wren/Chickadee boxes and Bluebird boxes.  Most of the birds you attract to your yard are not cavity nesters, (those that will use a nest box). However, wrens, chickadees, and titmice may use the first type, nesting in early spring through April. 

Bluebird boxes are more limited because you need to place them near open space such as a field or park.  Bluebirds do not generally come to backyards in heavily populated neighborhoods. They also nest in Spring and sometimes in Summer.

We also carry boxes for various owls, flickers, kestrels, and wood ducks.

Our nest boxes are designed scientifically with proper ventilation, drainage, opening size, wall thickness, height, and easy access to view inside or clean them.  Boxes that are not appropriate in these areas may be used but can be dangerous for birds and their young.