Rodenticides are Killing Birds and Pets

Second generation anti-coagulant rat poisons can be ingested by animals that eat rats and mice that have eaten the poison.  These poisons are so potent that they can kill both the rats and the animals that eat them.  Our kestrel population, among others, is near extinction.  Most dead kestrels that have been tested have shown to contain these rat poisons.  Owls, and other raptors are being affected.  Dogs and Cats have also been known to die from eating poisoned rodents.   

 After nearly a 10 year battle, the State of California has banned these products in retail stores as of July 1, 2014.   We can help by refusing to buy or use these products, using other non-poison methods to get rid of rodents, writing to the companies that make or sell poisons, and helping to fund and support groups that work with legislators to make these poisons illegal.

A large manufacturer of lots of home products, Reckitt Benckiser, has filed suit to stop the banning of their product, D-Con, one of the most common of these poisons.  Their website is:

Please check out all of their product lines and let them know that you will not purchase any of their products until they stop producing D-Con and stop their lawsuit.

We also recommend that you consider putting up an owl nesting box in your yard.  Owls have proven to be effective in reducing the rodent populations in areas where they reside.

In addition, you can purchase electronic rat traps that kill small rodents instantly by electric shock.  These are available online as the "Raticator" brand.

If you want more information, go to the following website: 

RATS - Raptors Are The Solution